2016 Convention Review

The 2016 Laser Tag Convention, held at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada just wrapped and what an incredible show it was.

Sheryl2The convention’s 18 seminars divided into 3 tracks were the highlight of the show. Operators such as Amber Collier of Boomers!, Jimmy Mulhern of JNJ Battle Quest, Bryan Severance of Flip N Out Xtreme, Brad Drummond of TagTimeParty, Brad & Christine Alt and their managers with Equinox Laser Tag, covered about half of the classes, talking about avoiding costly mistakes, increasing group sales, and handling the startup of a Tactical Laser Tag Business.

We also had incredible industry experts who gave seminars such as Frank Price of Birthday University; Armando Lanuti of Creative Works; Sheryl Bindeglass of Sheryl Golf; Jason Mitchell of Intercard; Frank Seninsky & Jerry Merola of Amusement Entertainment Management; Doug Wilkerson of Studio 41b; and Derek Petit of Adventure Sports.

RoundTable1The experts spoke on mapping the laser tag experience, hiring and training staff, marketing to adults, social media marketing, card systems, scoring higher revenue in arcades, facility development, designing and theming, and tactical operations.

Our roundtable discussion went incredibly well as our operators talked about topics that mattered to them, from marketing to operations to startup and insurance questions. The topic that most stole the show though was the discussion on putting the ‘Soul into the Machine,’ putting that human emotional sensibility and touch to a well-run facility.

The discussions continued on into the night at our Laser Tag Reception where attendees discussed these issues over drinks and then got ready for the next two days of our convention trade show.


The 2016 trade show was well represented by the manufacturers and suppliers in the laser tag industry:


  •  ARC Laser Tag Arenas
  •  Amusement Products
  •  Art Attack
  •  Creative Works, Inc.
  •  Delta Strike Laser Tag
  •  Gameware Pte. Ltd.
  •  Keystone Amusement Enterprises
  •  Laser-Blast
  •  Laser Tag Museum
  •  Laser Tag Pro
  •  Laserforce International
  •  LaZer Runner Laser Tag Systems
  •  Northeast Ins. Center,
  •  LLC.Omega Carpet
  •  Party Center Software

Moving the seminars to one day rather than two was a great decision and we’re sure the 2017 convention will run just as smoothly. We are grateful to the outdoor and skirmish operators and developers who attended and look forward to including the skirmish portion of our seminars in next year’s convention. 

We want to give a special thanks to our sponsors for this year’s convention – Amusement Products, ARC Laser Tag Arenas, Creative Works, Lasertag.com by Zone, and Northeast Insurance Center, all of whom were gold sponsors which helped pay for much of the Convention. We also want to thank our promotional partners, BCM Magazine, Birthday University, Sheryl Golf, and Tourist Attractions & Parks Magazine.

The Laser Tag Museum displayed some of the recent artifacts that it had acquired over the past year, such as the X-Raid prototype and Helios PRO prototype from Zone Laser Tag, but also included some artifacts that it brought last year, such as the concept art for Photon, the first laser tag manufacturer, and the Worlds of Wonder prototype Starlyte Rifle and Pistol.

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Finally, we’d like to give a great “Thank You” to our over 100 attendees and buyers who attended the show from all over North America. We hope that many of you will return for next year’s convention in Dallas Texas!

About the Laser Tag Convention

That's right, the Laser Tag Convention is back!  The Laser Tag Convention is co-located with Amusement Expo and the NBVA Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Now operators and developers can attend seminars designed specifically for laser tag businesses! Experts in business development, marketing, operations, social media, and more will share their secrets with Laser Tag Convention attendees.

Then come see the top laser tag companies looking to earn your business exhibiting at the convention trade show.

The Laser Tag Convention will benefit the Laser Tag Museum in Louisville, Kentucky.

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